A Gospel of Hope by Walter Brueggemann

A Gospel of Hope

From publisher’s notes, “Beloved and respected by scholars, preachers, and laity alike, Walter Brueggemann offers penetrating insights on Scripture and prophetic diagnoses of our culture. Instead of maintaining what is safe and routine, A Gospel of Hope encourages readers to embrace the audacity required to live out one’s faith. This must-have volume gathers Brueggemann’s wisdom on topics ranging from anxiety and abundance to partisanship and the role of faith in public life.”

Brueggemann is a well-respected theologian. I have read some of his writing, not extensively, but enough to know that I will find many gems. My digital copy is highlighted. A lot! This is very unusual for me. I will be referring to his words in the future.

As you might infer from the title, this book is filled with the Gospel and filled with hope. I am not a theologian, so I am not trying to review this book from that mindset. I am a member of the laity who sees our world portrayed daily in a negative way with no mention of hope. A Gospel of Hope addresses these daily negative portrayals and offers hope based on the Gospel.

I read this book after having just finished another book which tried to redefine the Gospel to fit the author’s worldview. Brueggemann does not do this. He deals with hard issues and asks tough questions. He does not presume to redefine the Gospel but allows those truths to speak for themselves.

I recommend this timely book.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley and Westminster John Knox Press in exchange for my honest review. Thank you.

ISBN: 1611648491 (ISBN13:9781611648492)

PUBLISHER: Westminster John Knox Press

Publication date: 03.30.18