The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson

Christmas BlessingThe Christmas Blessing offers a look back at a different time. It is November 1944 and America is at war. The lives of men, women and families are turned upside down. What was normal before December 7, 1941 has become passé. There has been an urgency attached to everyday life that was not there before the war. And while this November 1944 Christmas will be the last of the war, the people who are involved do not know that and continue their frenetic pace of living in the moment.

This review will not give away any of the plot of the book. I will leave that to others. The themes of the novella are redemption, hope, a mother’s love (in two cases), restoration and being willing the make the hard, but best choices.

I enjoy Christmas books and I enjoy reading Melody Carlson’s books. Her Christmas offering for 2017 did not disappoint.

I would recommend this book. I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley and Revell in exchange for my honest review. Thank you.