The New England Orchard Cookbook by Linda Beaulieu

newenglanorchardWhat says Fall, but apples! Well, maybe pumpkins, but apples are right up there. Linda Beaulieu has given the apple its due in her The New England Orchard Cookbook.

The recipes and there are lots of them look great. They are basically simple recipes, meaning you won’t have to go shopping for a lot of ingredients you don’t normally buy. The instructions also are very easy to follow.

The heart of this book though is the visits to the orchards each page gives the reader. The descriptions, history and people of the orchards make you want to head to New England. Web sites are given for the orchards in the body of the description as well as listed at the end of the book. Useful instructions such as call ahead and no pets are also included.

The photos scattered throughout are lovely and gets the reader in the mood for apples and road trips.

As mentioned each orchard profiled is listed in the back of the book according to state. Included are the name, address, telephone number, and website.

The only negative I have about the book is that there is no nutritional information given for the recipes.  Including that would have been most helpful.

I would recommend this book, especially for apple lovers.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review. Thank you.