My First Knitting Book by Hildegarde Deuzo

myfirstknittingbookMy First Knitting Book has a lot going for it. It is easy to read, has 15 easy projects and has fairly good graphics.

The graphics could be better. The projects are geared to older children’s skill level, but might not appeal to them. It is not the best book for beginners, children or otherwise. There is a nice variety to the projects and most have some flair within the design.

The section on the various stitches (moss and seed) was the strength of the book. There wasn’t much that dealt with troubleshooting. Knowing how to fix your mistakes (and everyone will have them) is an excellent way to help the whole knitting process come together.

Referring to the book along with one-on-one instructions would be the best use of it.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review. Thank you.