Why Young People Don’t Vote by Mitchell Agg

Why Young PeopleI requested and received Why Young People Don’t Vote from NetGalley based that being the title. I was interested in what causes young people in today’s political climate to stay away from polling places. In the US in 2016 we have a campaign called “Rock the Vote” that attempts to bring the twenty and thirty something into the process and get them to vote.

Had the entire title been given it would have provided a large clue that this book was not about the US elections. I have since found out that the actual title is TOWIE – The Only Way Is Eton: Why Young People Don’t Vote. It is a rambling discourse on the political climate in the UK in the last few decades. The author uses his poll of 100 people as a starting place in answering the question.

A good bit of the book is taken up with rehashing the UK politicians who have had to leave office in disgrace. Describing the crimes of those people is the support given for why one shouldn’t vote. The fact that a comedian told the UK youth not to vote is another valid reason according to the author.

This was an interesting read and gave some good explanations of the political systems and climate in the UK. However, it read more like a college term paper that a thoughtful, well-researched attempt to actually to answer the question without bias. If you are interested in a book that answers the question especially for the US, then keep looking.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review. Thank you.