My review of The Cancer – Fighting Kitchen, Second Edition by Rebecca Katz, Mat Edelson

Cancer fighting kitchenThe 2nd edition of Rebecca Katz’ The Cancer – Fighting Kitchen is chocked full of recipes, advice on how to use the recipes and an excellent section entitled Toolkit where foods can be used in the fight against cancer.  Chemo and other treatment side effects are addressed and a timetable for how to address them is given.  Even if you never make one recipe from the book and I hope that is not the case, then this section alone is invaluable.

Taste buds change with chemo. What was a favorite before might be off a survivor’s list after chemo. It took chemo for me to eat and actually almost enjoy liver. Bleu cheese before? Never! Now all the time. Red wine? Well, dead animals on the road came to mind with just the smell. Now? Red is in and white is out.  This is what many deal with after chemo. And Ms. Katz covers the changing of the taste buds.

Now to the recipes. I’ll admit that I have not tried any of them. But there were many included that I will try. There were very few that had ingredients that aren’t necessarily staples, but all were easily acquired in most markets. Most every recipe told you what it could go with, how to store it, prep time, cooking time, how much it makes and the nutritional information.

Another excellent section which I will refer to again and again is Culinary Pharmacy. This section is an A-Z glossary of items contains the name of the item such as “fennel” and what it can be used for (digestion aid, anti-inflammatory) and an explanation of its benefits. Chocolate is even listed. Yea!!

If you like the excellent photos that a Ten Speed Press publication is known for, you will not be disappointed. The photos are mouth-watering.

I received a free copy of the book from NetGalley in exchanged for my honest review. Thank you.